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bucharesttramstreetbucharestschoolarchitectInura held it’s 26th annual conference this year in Romania, between the city of Bucharest and Transylvanian village, Sibiel.

YT joined several other members of MAZI project for the closing day of the ‘city’ conference, before jumping on the coach for the ‘country’ retreat, a day ride over the infamous mountain peaks and lush valleys.

lushgreenThroughout the trip Gruia Badescu fed us all with rolling history and tales of the region whilst we tested out a ‘standalone’ Mazi Playground prototype, encouraging upload of images, recordings and texts to the OwnCloud and EtherPad services it offers as well as mobile broadband tethered through it to Panos smart-phone!

philipvillageOur destination was a hillside hotel and conference centre, where we spent four busy days reviewing  experiences of Bucharest and reflecting on the many projects and fascinating activities of all those attending. sibiuworkhouseThen a day walking around nearby medieval city and regional capital Sibiu, visiting many fine churches, layered antiquity and twisting cobbled streets until we meet together with local architecture students and a Quaker style round of commentary on the days process.

streetshadedWe returned to more workshops and presentations in the conference room, outside in the sunshine and just about anywhere within walking distance.

Mark Saunders of Spectacle Films showed a his recently completed documentary about Battersea Powerstation – bewildering scale of ineptness, manipulation and corruption continues as we speak about it..

byzantinedepictionOrhan Esen presented a startling report  on the Byzantine struggle for power and control in Turkey following the recent ‘coup’ and political fallout. The swapping of political allegiances and the recombining of establishement power with previously incompatible adversaries, turns everything on its head. By the end of his presentation 100 more journalists had been rounded up and incarcerated there.

Iva and Ksenija of Ne Damo Beograd talked about Waterfront Development protest movement and recent overnight illegal demolition of a City block. Subsequent denials by Mayor and government convinced nobody.

Occupy and Indymedia activists,  must wonder how so much great energy and will for change can be digested whole by the amnesiac public and state. Five years on, the euphoric peoples assemblies, protesting incompetence, corruption and greed all but forgotten in the stampede for brexit and grip of longer term conservatism.

The rising feeling we are being toyed with, is nauseating. Perhaps Adam Curtis can shed some light? His latest documentary Hypernormalisation picks up on the trail leaking out from Bitter Lake and rings much that we have allowed ourselves to trump for granted.

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