SPC have been working with SpaceStudios to install and improve on existing access @ Triangle, MartelloHaymerle, Bridget Riley, White Building, Britannia Works, Eastway Laundry and Sarah Lane studios. We added  Deborah House Feb and Brickfield 2/5 May 2015.

[ s p a c e ] commissioned a further phase of infrastructure refurbishment at studios in and around the Hackney area of East London. The first of these to receive broadband installation was @ Martello October 2014. Since then we have also now completed installation at Deborah House, Brickfield E3 and have recently begun work at Victor House.

victortotriangleVictor House is a two story factory building which has long been in use as artist studios and despite the lease coming to an end in 2016 is the latest to have broadband wireless access installed. This view back toward Triangle was shot from a friends balcony on 4th floor of the adjacent building.

brickfield-wipBrickfield is the newest purchase for Spacestudios and offers 34 generous rooms all with access to super fast fibre connection via a set of Unifi access points, with optional wired access for those requiring more dedicated connection.

Debroah House

Martello Street rooftop pano

Martello Street was one of the earliest of the spacestudio network of artist spaces. We completed the broadband installation in October of 2014 with eight access points sharing out a connection from Triangle on Mare Street via a fast wireless bridge linkup.

Whitebuilding Spacestudio in Hackney Wick offers a set of lovely large spaces for resident and visiting artist accommodation with a wireless network SPC installed in 2013.  They share the ground floor of the building with Crate who operate a pizza restaurant and micro brewery, tasty.

Haymerle Studios was added to the Spacestudios network in 2011, so we were pleased to have been invited to design and install distributed access via wireless LAN for all there. As luck would have it BT whom I normally avoid entirely have enabled the local exchange to deliver ‘Infinity’ a new broadband service which connects your phone line to fibre at the nearest street cabinet vastly improving both up and down speed. There are now 10 access points serving the 65+ studios with open access to 30/8 mb’s..