Yesterday Arts Catalyst brought Critical Art Ensemble up to Deckspace to have a chat about how to make use of collaborative film editing engine.  We scoffed coffee and cake and speculated on the merits of curatorial consensus culminating with short visit to the roof to take in the famous views.

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Besides the Screen

Exploding Cinema have confirmed December 1st screening at St James Church adjacent to Goldsmiths campus in New Cross as part of the ‘Besides the Screen‘ conference organised by our very own Adnan Hadzi. It explores the relationship between screen and society, production and presentation, consensus and critique. All are welcome to participate in the Workshops on November 29-30, Conference December 01-02 and attend the Saturday night screening event.

To propose a paper for the seminar, a workshop for the media lab, or an AV performance, submit your abstract (250-400 words) along with a short bio (100 words) to

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Barking Malthouse

Recently we returned to Malthouse spacestudios in Barking this time with a bag of fresh wireless access points to configure newly installed Infinity broadband and distribute wireless access throughout the building. In the car park there is a fantastic al fresco stage pictured here.

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Finally after a couple of months piddling about after server failure in May and the knock on of lost materials as a consequence, SPC finally has a ‘current’ container for the subscriber domains and SPC projects online.

Ellis has been instrumental in this process so many thanks to him again. Its a Proxmox environment which should allow for easier migration of virtual servers between hosts now and in the future.

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Ljudmila Interactivos

IMAG0376On Friday 7th September YT will journey to meet with 40 contributors for Obsolete Technologies of The Future at Ljudmila lab in Ljubljana.

IMAG0491Adnan Hadzi will be joining us on Tuesday though we won’t be directing a specific SPC project will be there in support of one or more of the projects in progress and to get a first time experience of Slovenia.

IMAG0458Plenty of great project progress eg. micro radio automation Interactivos Radio which builds a playlist from audio files contributed via emails I spent most my time helping Gonzo here build ‘Painter’ a repurposed flatbed plotter with wrist action brush head and canvas lift mechanism.

Update 09/09/12 We all took a special trip to visit KSEVT Where we had special guided tour by Dragan Zivadinov ov NSK now fully qualified Slovenian cosmonaut  !


IMAG0409 IMAG0404


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Stubble nightz

Yesterday made my first visit to ms Stubnitz currently moored at George V dock.

For now its a secret handshake to get in for a look about though we went along to deliver a Ubiquity 5M nano microwave radio which we installed and before long had connected up to RedRaw Iinternet also our connection supplier at Deckspace.

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The Crystal World Open Laboratory, July 17th-21st, 12pm-7pm, The Crystal World Salon, July 21st at The White Building, Hackney Wick 8pm+, and The Crystal World Exhibition, August 3rd-31st 2012

‘Experiments will include high heat, high voltage, and toxic processes. Safety gear and induction will be provided but please bring any masks/goggles/labcoats or similar if available. While we provide full safety guidelines participants take part at their own risk.’

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Son and See

Just as the sun shows signs of a return, assignments at SPC are stacking up! So what chance now of any holiday for YT even if we get some weather at last..

Yesterday I spent the day at London Pleasure Gardens over by City Airport poking about with their fast fibre network and preparing the way for smooth running and flexibility of operations over the coming couple of years there.

Eclectic Productions are preparing for refurbishment of their network infrastructure and update of day to day operations at their offices at 441 New Cross Road and over at the radio studio in Peckham ‘The Hub’. SPC have been encouraging them to update their broadband link between the spaces so they can utilise some offsite back up and improve the exchange between sites.

Whitebuilding the latest Spacestudios adjacent to the Olympic Energy Centre officially opened last Saturday in a pizza, beery and noisy blur. Many hungry and thirsty punters thronged the canal-side as the buzz of sportsday helicopters swarmed overhead.

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Sprung up

Adnan Hadzi of led a frenzied belated clean up of Deckspace on Friday last.. so anyone paying a visit in the next week or so will be suitably impressed.

We will be holding the wireless wednesday workshops up there for the next few weeks at least if weather holds but instead of cake, please bring a plant in a decent size pot please as we would like add to the marigolds, strawberries and mint already up there.

Our recent server problems are still proving disruptive especially where email has been lost. A review of all procedures for back up and monitoring is underway to be acted on as soon as possible.

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Firstly an apology to anyone of you effected by the catastrophic system failure of our primary server earlier this week. Many of you will have found days without email service compounded by a rewind of all webpages and databases to March* of this year as we had to reinstate the old server (*the point we migrated to the new and now out of service server).

Peopleshow had been upgrading their entire website into a wordpress template which had been specially customised for them.. that’s 2 months of work in jeopardy so fingers crossed that we can recover materials enough to return them their hard grafted upgrade.

Likewise any of you reading this who have lost out please continue to patient as we attempt recovery. we will have news in a week. yes its that scrambled!


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