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Would you Adnan and TB it?

Following on from a short research fellowship at Post media Lab in Leuphana University, Luneburg, co-workers on have formed reSync UG to move ahead with some of the ideas arising and apply some outcomes. (UG a small private company with limited liability based in Germany).


Adnan and TB, Hamburg 2014

Now as we don’t live in Germany this was only possible whilst the fellowship was in progress which qualified us for 12 month business start-up support from the federal state of Hanover that we have now activated. It was a nightmare to set up so lets hope it works out to be less of a drag in operation – I don’t think…

The first of our reSync activities will centre on Lunatic the annual arts and music festival. Work has already begun to prepare that collaboration for June 2014 and to refine the techniques explored throughout ‘Taking care of things‘ event a the city archive Luneburg in this January.

UG – Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)an entrepreneurial company (with limited liability). Apparently it is a quite new development in Germany, a sub-type of the German GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung–company with limited liability), meant to compete with Britain’s small private limited companies. (thanks for the link arandomidea)

alarm gospcorg


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Audience Networked

SPC is technical partner of a Nesta Eol Digital Fund application with lead organisation 4C and research by SOAS. It’s aim is to identify with makers and audiences of documentary films and to facilitate a wider engagement in distribution, screening and afterglow.

Whilst acknowledging the array of complimentary web services and physical resources already available we have identified vital aspects of the interaction process that have remained out of reach and seek to bring new insights and activities into effect.

Where screenings can succeed in exposing film-work, promoting discussion and animating ideas they can’t account for the progression of a film’s impact, identify the growing audience, account for it’s distribution or celebrate its successes in the wild.

We propose the building of new components that contribute to the public record, develop screening opportunities and promote audience interaction and engagement in those processes. This may take the form of website or application for social media collaboration.

It’s form will present the path from production to presentation and invite audience to stake it’s account and experience in the public record, promote further comment and to celebrate commitment with action.

Our contribution will be to coordinate a technical delivery of these tools for the use of film makers, distributors and audience alike. A solution like the songkick live music listings website, attuned to track audience attention and film screening by venue.


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Another day of unresolved issues would have been about the last for cpanel for us. Some of you may have noticed this channel and others hosted by SPC driven by databases of one sort or another were off line for a few days.. Thankfully Ellis was able to rescue things in a few minutes just as cpanel support posted this.. cheers

At this point, it looks like you may have resolved the initial error, but that has
now brought it into another error that existed as well, shown here:

[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Warning:  Cannot load module 'XCache' because
conflicting module 'eAccelerator' is already loaded in Unknown on line 0
[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Warning:  [eAccelerator] Can not create shared memory
area in Unknown on line 0
[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Unable to start eAccelerator module in
Unknown on line 0

It would seem that it automatically takes care of XCache compatibility issue by
disabling it and not allowing to load, however it may be that the compilation
including the two of these modules together may be causing problems here. Would I
have permission to recompile Apache with either Xcache, eAccelerator, or both of
these disabled as a test? Please advise.

**** ******
Technical Analyst II
cPanel Inc.
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Heavy wait

Sunday 30th March sees the long anticipated launch of Julian Priest’s Weight of Information mission aboard Kicksat Cubesat on SpaceX-3 Commercial Resupply Services flight CRS-3.

‘Meet to Delete’ at the London Hackspace where they have prepared a listening station and the requisite computational hardware to decode the transmitted signals for their own picosat also now launching on 30 March. (despite out of date info there)

See for up to date schedule. Live coverage of the launch will be provided on NASA TV starting 03.45 EDT.

Julian has been preparing his picosat over the last year since the impulse purchase introduced him to a range of extraordinary ideas and applications for the 3 week orbit. The delayed launch has given him plenty of time to arrange a set of complimentary activities not least beach bonfires and radio hackery you can find out more about on his website


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Mindless OS

picout_centre.phpToday we launched a fresh server in Deckspace and have again chosen ClearOS which in recent months has been a very successful solution in situations where we have growing demand for shared internet resources from communities. Basic telco broadband routers fail to carry the load of a busy network so we are pleased with this free and flexible alternative solution.

Deptford Housing Coop has a structured ethernet network which interlinks 15 of the shared houses and connected by two internet services. However, difficulties with broadband reliability and maintaining continuity of wireless access have proved difficult for various reasons. We often see over a hundred dhcp connections with some people greedy for speed whilst others are happy for basic access but all experience increasing need for access and feel frustrated when problems occur. We used ClearOS here to resolve BT fttc reliability and increased broadband redundancy using the second as failover.

Spacestudios operate a network of artist spaces in East London and SPC are co-ordinating building wide wireless installation and further development of the broadband resources. During the last year six of the eighteen studios have been equipped with fast broadband and hundreds of working artists now share network access and can look forward to further improvements and enhancements. We used ClearOS to build a router with multiple ethernet interfaces to manage office, studio and cctv networks at one space and the share of broadband between two building at another.

Our new server will manage the DHCP requests for connection from the LAN as well as host mail, web and fileshares both locally and publicly as required.

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Simon Crab joined us at Obsolete web design boutique in late 1996 bringing with him a wealth of experience in music production and live performance not least from his electro-ethnic combo Bourbonese Qualk.

He arrived with a passion for macromedia director and made shockwave interactive objects for web pages. Before long he presented a personal project to host celebrating 120 Years of Electronic Music which he had been researching and collating. It continued to attract interest from enthusiasts from around the world until it lost it’s footing during recent refurbishment and now will be hosted at SPC.

Crab has also recently been collaborating with Larisa Blazic, sketching out a form for the Data Union initiative to express discontent and propose tactics contesting political nature of personal data in public use. Some interesting resources already listed there to get us going in advance of some more serious intervention and action on rights.

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A decade on from DMZ festival at Limehouse Town Hall, SPC roll out the OWN exhibit once again in celebration of London Cryptofestival this coming Saturday 30th November @ Goldsmiths Uni, New Cross.

reSyncOWNThis time it will feature research and archaeological artefacts cored from the SPC servers, Flyer stash and old CDR’s  reSynced in recent months of weekly workshops at Deckspace in Greenwich.

your electrosmog or theirs ?

At 2pm on Saturday a gathering of infrastructure self providers will meet up at the Cryptoparty for a fireside chat to exchange stories and acknowledge the phases of fruitfulness experienced by all involved in an ongoing effort to “take care of things”.

thanks to ; Mark Garret of, Peda and Ushi of, An Martens of, Jaya Papaya of and Rachel Baker of for their contributions.

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reSync UG

2In October and November 2013 will host a series of reSync workshops as part of a research project with Post Media Lab in Luneburg Germany.

During this period will meet originators of the numerous projects that SPC subscribers have made in Deckspace over a decade of operation.

At each themed workshop you will review the projects and materials then package a report containing text, sound and image to be reSynced.

Each reSync will be encoded to qrcode / NFC tags and added to posters and flyers for distribution.

reSync – Wilderness | Transmissions | Rights | Objectives | Origins | Screens | Futures

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Post Media Sync

Adnan Hadzi will travel to Berlin with James Stevens in September to meet with fellows of Post Media Lab to exchange current ideas and prepare the research programme.

IMG_0451SPC are setting out to revisit subscriber materials including image bank of still and moving image recordings on media and servers in Deckspace with a view to re-presentation on a new blog for . Surprisingly little formal documentary material exists to account for the reeling years at SPC, such that we have is on video tape or in html and email. A selection of video archive has been processed through Interlace.

IMG_0450In October and November will offer Friday workshops at Deckspace for groups to review some of their preferred moments and bring them into focus again utilising some contemporary publishing and distribution methods. With the public appetite for news and media concentrators migrating to touch screen readers and smart phones we will formulate our workshop output to offer secure syncronisation options as well as more traditional web publishing and RSS.

In December we will travel to Germany again this time to Luneburg to host similar workshops with local groups there.

Expect BitMessageBit torrent Sync and Stream and NFC/RFID interactions.

nothing is normal everything must go identify the thing

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Poster Boy

Something going on in Deptford?

Certainly from Patricio’s point of view.. he just completed refurbishing his infamous mural at the heart of Deptford High Street and coaxed TB up the scaffolding to leave him stranded there for an interview for “My Deptford” up at the Southbank Friday 26 July 2013 – Sunday 28 July 2013.



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