Exploders @bit.spc.org

After another great visit to Stubnitz for this months Dorkbot we popped back to bit.spc.org at midnight to find Exploding Cinema late night session to create the Expanded show booklet for bts.re show still raging!

Really looking forward to the next show, but wrap up warm if you are heading over its going to be very chilly out!

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BTS workshops day one

Here is Adnan Hadzi in full flow during the morning sessions.. which featured explanations of his long term research and development around collaborative film making which has recently added a curator.deptford.tv edition to the suite of webwares as described by Lisa Haskel. Great workshop to kick off the sessions!

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Those crazy folk at Madcap Coalition !
Popped in today to meet with Rankine and attend to their network and update PC’s.. all working fine now.. ! Then we sorted out their domain name and hosting issues. Now you can email them again info@madcapcoalition.com

In their warehouse I see huge collection of staging and tents, flats and drapes.. well equipped workshop and spectacular carnival outfits..

Had to introduce him to Shirley and Spinoza some of the best alternative radio archives in the world..

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Mozfest 2012

Here is a short account of the weekend spent at Mozilla Festival 2012 at Ravensbourne college which is adjacent to The O2 Dome, Greenwich London. In the first place I didn’t have a ticket till Jane Whyatt handed over of her pass as she couldn’t attend due to post opp leg pain (ooh) thanks for that !

I went along on Friday night to pick up the pass and have a good look about the event fair being held on the 4th floor lounge space where many of the workshop hosts and other exhibitors were already previewing their work. I was also very pleased to meet up with Mick Fuzz scoff a few canope’ and sup red wine..

So on Saturday I arrived 10am sharp to join a large workshop being held by development group of Zeega which is a well crafted media compositor which works in the browser (chrome and safari) allowing for quick authoring of rich narratives out of web resources both from mammoth concentrators such as youtube, flickr and twitter as well as any privately hosted elements. These are cast to time using a layered approach that is instinctive and rapidly returns satisfaction as we discovered at the end of the two hours (wow that passed quick) with a review of some of the published compositions.

In much the same way (using firefox) with more emphasis on editable timeline and syncing of sources the loudly heralded WebMaker Popcorn carries you swiftly along to a very presentable outcome integrating Google maps, Twitter ticker-tape, Wikipedia data and a range of sound, text  overlays to your core still or moving images. Over the course of the weekend I overheard many glowing references to the sound aspects of Popcorn and I expect more reward will follow on from effort sustained. Both systems are most impressive and well worth the attention.

Lunch was great! I met with friends who had attended last years event and again had good reports of their morning sessions to share. We split up to try and cover the huge range of afternoon activities to find many already entrenched in investigative process or exchanging on varied and impassioned aspects of education, topography and mechanics of encoding. I gravitated to the Radio session where new friends in the Airtime development group held a working session on aspect of production management and facilitation of transmission and enjoyed the detailed and attentive considerations of the group reviewing issues of the audience, interaction as well as scope for evolutionary progress to come.

There was definitely the sense of being well catered for with almost every level offering refreshments and snack food, in addition to an attentive support from those staffing the sessions and directing traffic. I was intrigued with the coding for teens and webmaker badge areas but didn’t find the moment to stop and investigate the latest scratch offering in any detail though did have a conversation over coffee with keen badge advocates to acknowledge the value this initiative leads on. Yes I see this being effective in the drive to account on renewed effort promoting overdue upscaling of ICT education standards and a fun way to navigate an increasingly fragmented learning environment we all experience.

On Sunday I took an even more leisurely approach toward the sessions sitting in on the articulately presented Craftyy game building environment where near instantaneous game play, graphic drafting and behaviour aspects of the computer game are made easily accessible and intriguingly handsome even for a non game player like me! Lunch was great again (this stuff is important!) renewed contact with attendee of the radio session and speculated on explosive potential of this educational surge in progress. Attended an Arduino codebender session without laptop and fortunately was able to share with some great girls the not inconsiderable effort to keep up with the electronics (primer) and the code being bent.

I found myself back a the Popcorn workspace in more of a (minor) nurturing role this time helping a fresh user get started and reviewing the basics again, reminding myself of the ideals of the festival in the process. Its taken me all day to distil some of my experience to this account which I have been able to recall easily as I write, that’s a good sign.


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OSSA account

Very recently reminded of this meeting between collaborators of the Open Source Streaming Alliance which was held at Deckspace in Autumn of 2001, in fact we are trespassing in the Deco clock tower adjacent. I am struggling to recall everyone’s names sorry guys!



|?|?|Ilze Black|Honor Harger|?|Gavin Stark|Mick Richie|Resonancefm engineer|?|Konrad Becker|

|Marko Peljhan|?|James Stevens|Manu Lutch| and taking the pic Luka Prinčič !


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Yesterday Arts Catalyst brought Critical Art Ensemble up to Deckspace to have a chat about how to make use of edit.deptford.tv collaborative film editing engine.  We scoffed coffee and cake and speculated on the merits of curatorial consensus culminating with short visit to the roof to take in the famous views.

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Besides the Screen

Exploding Cinema have confirmed December 1st screening at St James Church adjacent to Goldsmiths campus in New Cross as part of the ‘Besides the Screen‘ conference organised by our very own Adnan Hadzi. It explores the relationship between screen and society, production and presentation, consensus and critique. All are welcome to participate in the Workshops on November 29-30, Conference December 01-02 and attend the Saturday night screening event.

To propose a paper for the seminar, a workshop for the media lab, or an AV performance, submit your abstract (250-400 words) along with a short bio (100 words) to submissions@bts.re.

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Barking Malthouse

Recently we returned to Malthouse spacestudios in Barking this time with a bag of fresh wireless access points to configure newly installed Infinity broadband and distribute wireless access throughout the building. In the car park there is a fantastic al fresco stage pictured here.

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Finally after a couple of months piddling about after server failure in May and the knock on of lost materials as a consequence, SPC finally has a ‘current’ container for the subscriber domains and SPC projects online.

Ellis has been instrumental in this process so many thanks to him again. Its a Proxmox environment which should allow for easier migration of virtual servers between hosts now and in the future.

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Ljudmila Interactivos

IMAG0376On Friday 7th September YT will journey to meet with 40 contributors for Obsolete Technologies of The Future at Ljudmila lab in Ljubljana.

IMAG0491Adnan Hadzi will be joining us on Tuesday though we won’t be directing a specific SPC project will be there in support of one or more of the projects in progress and to get a first time experience of Slovenia.

IMAG0458Plenty of great project progress eg. micro radio automation Interactivos Radio which builds a playlist from audio files contributed via emails heartheair@gmail.com. I spent most my time helping Gonzo here build ‘Painter’ a repurposed flatbed plotter with wrist action brush head and canvas lift mechanism.

Update 09/09/12 We all took a special trip to visit KSEVT Where we had special guided tour by Dragan Zivadinov ov NSK now fully qualified Slovenian cosmonaut  !


IMAG0409 IMAG0404


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