One contributor to the background noise up at Deckspace has been running a series of bitcoin mining experiments with GPU and then FPGA mining tools and has grown a modest investment into shape and now considering some broader collaboration options

With rate of difficulty to create each new bitcoin on a bender following deployment of the first ASIC units, a quantum leap is being forced on all those currently involved and wishing to continue the seeding of this revolutionary decentralised digital currency and banking system. With equipment costs also on the rise, individuals will find it increasingly hard to participate so shared mining solutions are emerging fast to accommodate demand. eg.

Our proposal is to set up such a mine by purchasing a bleeding edge hardware solution said to become available in September with a 400GH/s spec which will also heat up your palmhouse at 1KW/h. If you were lucky enough to own and run such a unit now it could be earning you 60 bitcoins a day! However they won’t land in the UK till late September early October by which time so much will have changed it will barely be possible to generate coins without such a beast. Therin lies the problem, layout cash now, advance order the hardware then sit back and wait for delivery as the difficulty of the task rises exponentially.

If you have been hankering to get involved and have been cursing yourself since the whole thing kicked off perhaps now is a moment to consider. Get one of 100 shares in our mine for a single bitcoin and join the ride along the next phase of investment. The order for the hardware will be made in the next week along with full non-refundable advance payment of £5k a fee no person need now face alone.

roll em..!

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Its been a decade since we first spoke with Spacestudios regards facilitating artist studios with wireless broadband internet access and at last we are moving ahead with a schedule of installation starting in Fish Island , Hackney Wick area of east London.

whitebuilding01Last week TB cycled up the River Lee to the canal side of the Olympic Park at Old Ford lock where the first two studio infested buildings co-exist on Dace Road. The first, Britannia is three floors and 200m long with 55 studios. The second, Bridget Riley has four floors and 37 studios. Behind each blank door resides a striving artist or innovative group practice where you can get the impression that some just don’t get out enough! All are now keen to remain connected whilst working or at least ready to tap the network resources for supplies, materials and stimulation. Several just couldn’t wait and have gone ahead with their own broadband installation but in the main the new shared resource it is my task to install is just in the nick of time.

To speed things up further we made contact with anyone passing by in the long corridors and quickly tracked willing collaborators with under utilised broadband keen to offload costs and still remain connected. Advance research suggested FTTC Infinity etc would not be available but thankfully it now is and so both building will shortly be up and running with 16 access points between them 50/8 mb/s per building to work with.


The third building presented a different set of concerns confirmed as still only within range of low grade broadband service 5/0.6mb/s which really doesn’t share out so well amongst the 14 users therein. Cre-8 Life style centre opened this year as part of the London 2012 legacy and is just next door. They also need better broadband for their media training and production broadcast studios.. The more we look around the greater the demand rises.. The White Building completes the triangle of Spacestudios in the area and opened in 2012 in time for the games, also hosts Crate Beer and Pizza bar which draws a regular local crowd for the art eat and social events.

Between the three sites is Central books whom we called in on to make introductions and suggest an arrangement where they could host a high speed fibre connection to server the growing needs of all in the area an idea which they warmed to but we are yet to investigate further.

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Public Image

Paolo Cardullo presents OCTV in collaboration with James Stevens of SPC, an installation at the IVSA 2013 Annual Conference held at Goldsmiths, University of London July 08-10th and hosted by CUCR – Centre for Urban and Community Research.

Alongside the panel Exploding Bentham’s scopic regime we invite visitors and panellists to actively engage in an experience of surveillance, curated by James Stevens. Six IP cameras in positions to view the conference delegates will be embedded into the info displays around  Goldsmiths. Viewers switch channel and camera vision so to become controllers over the self surveillance network.
In this way, watchers become at the same time the watched ones in a loop of mediatic and maybe ‘real’ encounters. The installation invites participants to reflect on the possibilities offered by open networks and ubiquitous technology in the context of visualising public space with other people (strangers). To what extent would by-standers try to avoid video devices? To what extent are they involved in a performance, returning the gaze to the cameras?

Rob Canning has built a camera controller which transcodes each camera feed ready for embedding in the Goldsmiths information monitors where we will presentat OCTV. Conference delegates will see a poster about the installation featuring a qrcode (URL) to a page offering camera switch and inviting @octvivsa twitter stream comment. The cameras also post reports on motion detected.


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Nobody’s Baby

We rarely have the opportunity to work with our hosts at Borough Hall, Greenwich Dance so we were pleased to be invited onto a wider collaboration with show producers to provide streaming video relay throughout a 100 hour dance marathon pilot process.


10 dancers with pair up to present 4 days of nonstop dance formulated  by Arthur Pita’s Open Heart Productions and hosted by Greenwich Dance in the Borough Hall from 3rd to 7th June 2013. The event is free and open to the public throughout the 100 hours.

IMAG0164We have utilised Edimax 3100P cctv camera equipment which streams rtsp H264 video through Wowza streaming server. This will enable us to relay these camera views and embed them on the event page.

stats : streammanager : recorder

We call the camera’s built in server [rtsp://] and prepare a /content link rtmp:// which can be embedded using JWplayer html script or as in this case a wordpress plug-in;

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Resolume workout

You are welcome to join us at SDNA studio on weekend of 17/18th May for a couple of days of projected image and experimental interaction with popular software Resolume. We will start at noon with a plate of cake and mugs of tea, ending with beer and a showreel of workout clips. Please call 07973318881 if you wish to attend.

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Ship of Fools and Monsters

The Exploding Cinema show onboard Motor Ship Stubnitz Saturday 20th April was a great success with over 300 hundred shipmates attending for a whale of a show. Special thanks to the crew for making it all possible!

Stubnitz has now sailed on, this time to Dunkirk where they will stay till late summer after which return to London does seem possible if suitable mooring can be found.

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Open Video London

Between April 18-20, Mick Fuzz from Floss Manuals facilitates a workshop / course sprint to document and publish an introductory course for open video  in the areas of end-user technologies (viewing, encoding, editing,  subtitling etc) and developer tools (transcoding, web applications,  developing for mobile devices). See the event schedule here

Open Video London will be held aboard MS Stubnitz which is currently moored at Wood Wharf in London Docklands. Contributions will come from those already swimming in the sea of free software / open source tools, open video frameworks and creating innovative learning.

It’s part of the international Open Video series launched with the Open  Video Forum in 2012. The current version of the course, created at a  Berlin sprint last year, is part of the School of Open, a collaboration  between Creative Commons and P2P University.

Join us in an ongoing effort to bring more people (especially from newer netcultures) into free software / open source debates around visual media via the creation of open educational resources (courses will be translated).

Please get in touch soon if you interested and think you  may be able to attend, we’ll cover accommodation, meals, and can help with travel expenses.

Partners include:
xm:lab, FLOSS Manuals, P2PU,


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Spluttershutter #02

This month we will screen;

MMT_posterMagical Mystery Tour Apple Corp 1967 53 mins 16mm
The Chase (Doctor Who) BBC 16mm

Thursday 28th March 2013 7.30 for 8pm start
Greenroom @ Borough Hall, Royal Hill.
Greenwich. London SE10 8RE

Global exposure of The Beatles and their music reached new highs during the psychedelic half of the 60’s in a burst of inspiration and creativity that preempted their end before the decade was out. In that time so much happened that effected them all not least the death of manager and guide Brian Epstein 1967.
Despite this shock they went ahead with the ‘plan’ to produce a film with their cash and instinct intact, took off on The Magical Mystery Tour. It tested the patience loyalty and tastes of the nation when it got it’s TV premiere that same Christmas. Shot on 16mm over the course of a week away with friends, strangers and on a course of their choosing traversed a landscape of Britain at once surreal and familiar.

who72The previously year the fab Four appeared in an episode of Dr Who – The Chase. Brian Epstein had prevented them from appearing in person as old men so the BBC used a clip of them playing on TOTP instead which has since been lost.

Magical Mystery Tour has rarely been projected and didn’t get a theatre release on its release as it was always intended for TV so take this one off opportunity, arrive in time and grab your seat to travel in these contrasting cinematic time tunnels. We even have a couple of sofas for you to hide behind!

Please dress the part, bring your own food and drink to share or pay the meagre £516mmcans

Show your old 8mm, 16mm films at our next presentation at end of April, contact

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LAMP is a new arts/music and performance club space for Leamington Spa opening in March. On Saturday 16th Funki Porcini with friends from Exploding Cinema will be presenting an expanded cinema event featuring some of his recent films and music videos alongside stunning shorts, super8 loops and hi-color optikinetics..!


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Spluttershutter #01

Please come along to our first monthly Spluttershutter screening event in The Green Room @ Borough Hall, Greenwich on Thursday 28th February 2013 at 7.30pm till 10pm.

16mmfilmcansWe will be screening 35mm slide, 16mm and 8mm films each month so if you have some you want to show bring them with you or get in touch to screen your film with us in the future.

This month we have a great selection of films that have rarely been screened on film including;


Grenada – The Future Coming Towards Us. A profile of the then “ruler” of Grenada Maurice Bishop before his assassination in 1983. 50 mins. colour.

and a collection of pop video’s from the late seventies a slide set from a box in this store room and a cassette tape of my sister in the bath in 1977

projectorPlease arrive promptly with something to eat, drink and share or pay £5 on the door. Film will roll at 8pm sharp

Many thanks to Gordon Cooper for preparation and projection.



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