Another day of unresolved issues would have been about the last for cpanel for us. Some of you may have noticed this channel and others hosted by SPC driven by databases of one sort or another were off line for a few days.. Thankfully Ellis was able to rescue things in a few minutes just as cpanel support posted this.. cheers

At this point, it looks like you may have resolved the initial error, but that has
now brought it into another error that existed as well, shown here:

[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Warning:  Cannot load module 'XCache' because
conflicting module 'eAccelerator' is already loaded in Unknown on line 0
[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Warning:  [eAccelerator] Can not create shared memory
area in Unknown on line 0
[31-Mar-2014 16:19:25 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Unable to start eAccelerator module in
Unknown on line 0

It would seem that it automatically takes care of XCache compatibility issue by
disabling it and not allowing to load, however it may be that the compilation
including the two of these modules together may be causing problems here. Would I
have permission to recompile Apache with either Xcache, eAccelerator, or both of
these disabled as a test? Please advise.

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Technical Analyst II
cPanel Inc.
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