SPC have very recently added fast new wireless links to locations in the area A|B|C|D for testing in advance of a broader roll out of high speed connections for OWN and are pleased with the resulting speeds. eg. B-C runs at 80mb/s up and down.

We monitor the 1gb Airfibre link to Redrawinternet and the Cisco routing our IP range at Deckspace and the high speed LAN, OMV and homespace

SPC also manage some subscriber networks around London

Deptford Housing Coop network serves over 100 coop members. We run a ClearOS server to load balance BT FTTC broadband service with Sky ADSL. Its a decade since we installed the structured wiring interlinking 16 houses and the communal event space/office.

policed 2014The Old Police Station Deptford inherited a building wide network which serves the 26 studios and also host an OWN node. Optical Radio broadcast from OPS most days of the week.

IMG_0194-PANOWe have been working with Space Studios to install and improve on existing access @ Triangle, MartelloHaymerle, Bridget Riley, White Building, Britannia Works, Eastway Laundry and Sarah Lane studios. We will add  Deborah House and Brickfield early in 2015.

MayDayRooms has recently set up a building-wide wireless [2|3|4|5] network which hosts a NAS server alongside document scanners, media edit and archive catalogue.