Ljudmila Interactivos

On Friday 7th September YT will journey to meet with 40 contributors for Obsolete Technologies of The Future at Ljudmila lab in Ljubljana.

Adnan Hadzi will be joining us on Tuesday though we won’t be directing a specific SPC project will be there in support of one or more of the projects in progress and to get a first time experience of Slovenia.


Update 09/09/12 We all took a special trip to visit KSEVT Where we had special guided tour by Dragan Zivadinov ov NSK now fully qualified Slovenian cosmonaut  !





update 12.09.12

Plenty of great project progress not least establishment of micro radio automation Interactivos Radio which builds a playlist from audio files contributed via emails heartheair@gmail.com. I spent most my time helping Gonzo here build ‘Painter’ a repurposed flatbed plotter with a wrist action brush head and canvas lift mechanism.

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