IMG_20150409_135632TB spent a couple of hours visiting Vinyl Cafe in Deptford to deliver and fit a couple of IP cameras so that events can be streamed and general view of the place is visible when required. The cafe camera just posts an updated jpg to an ftp server so it can be displayed here.

A second camera is fitted in the basement where live music and DJ performances are a regular occurrence. A new video clip is recorded each time motion is detected then copied up to the web host for review and future use. We could tweet #vinyldeptford each time, then again..

Both camera1 and camera2 offer live streaming using rtsp which browsers can’t easily display but which can be viewed with VLC or similar media players. vinylcafe

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DIWO Virtual Studio

FF-gallerySPC currently helping Furtherfield optimise network interlinking between Furtherfield Commons in Finbury Park, Drake Music and musician John Kelly.

This in preparation for a DIWO season of Virtual Studio experiments and performances starting in May 2015.

TB visited FF-Commons hosting the primary studio, to replace the lousy BT ADSL router with a more sturdy model,  just 8mb/s down and less than 1mb/s up is best possible telco service available there. We checked the line of sight between FF-Gallery (capable of high speed FTTC) and FF-Commons.. looks good, so recommended install of a 5ghz wireless ‘bridge’ for up to 300mb/s link up asap!

viewfromcommonsProject partners Drake Music will host a studio at their Old Nichol Street space. We helped resolve their long term network access issues with introduction of a powerline startup kit (ethernet over power) which links the studio without need for cable installation. a new gigabit switch and bag of ethernet cables to link their PC’s instead of wireless will liberate their day to day workflow!

Artistically the project will be led by John Kelly, who will work with 3 other musicians, including Roger Mills. John works from his SW London homestudio which already has fast FTTC service in place so is ready to make a start in early May.

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Mad reCapped

rankine2015TB popped into the new Madcap warehouse off Norman Road in Greenwich to have a poke about and size up the work needed to prepare the place for use.  There is more than enough space to hold anything Rankine can pull together in the few months of reliable tenure offered. This site, as most other on the Creek is now under huge pressure of redevelopment and can’t outlast the year.

The lovely big space is currently very dusty following years as an exhibition wood workshop and still hosts the huge flatbed and jig saws as well as fork lift truck! Much of the huge collection of theatrical and event tents and carnival props has already made it over but a sizable portion remains at the old Pepys Estate store, though before bringing that over the dust must go! See you down there over the next week, take a mask.


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Off-world call

nxlLewisham council dropped all but one of it’s borough libraries in 2011.  Most have been picked up and operated independently since then, not least the New Cross Learning centre bang opposite Deptford Town Hall in New Cross High Road.

SPC have recently taken on support and development role to improve of the scope of network services available and help prepare for the “party in the park 2015” scheduled for late summer.

S8twTdTMeanwhile we have been keeping up with Marcell Mars during his residency at MaydayRooms this month where he will complete development of [let’s share books] the Calibre plug-in which integrates with open reading library Memory Of the World. His assignment at Maydayrooms is to refine publishing processes and assist in the building of their growing archive catalogue and to promote awareness of the hosted collections.

So far during February we have been continuing network development in recently refurbished Spacestudios @ Deborah House whilst nurturing progress of a new studio building, Brickfields, where 100mb/s fibre service is being installed and which goes live at the opening early in April. This brings the number of spacestudios now equipped with broadband connectivity to nine with the tenth due soon.

Two strands of the recent ‘offline networks’ panel @ Transmediale prove to be of ongoing fascination. and shed contrasting light on the needs for flexibility and ingenuity in community wireless networks with their respective product developments. Our very own SuperGlue unit is ready to use during this weeks Wireless Wednesday Workshop at bitspace. The Qual software is available for most OS and conforms a spontaneous network, reconfiguring the network adapters of your local PC’s for wired and wireless interlinking. Both projects are still in development but show how small groups and individuals can make progress with open source code collaborations.

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Midnight Train Massage

tm2015-wrapupJust returned from a week away at Transmediale in Berlin, ‘Capture All’ where reSync co-habited with a set of social forum and offline network workgroups to explore respective exhaustion with social media, find fresh approaches to localised practice, celebrate a sense of disconnectedness as well as reunite old friends and baptise new. The Off-Networks reviewSo, in a noisy and overloaded foyer environment we bumbled through a few hours of strained explanations and half understood activities until the 16 or so attendees clicked to our reGroove and sparked up some add-hock badge pressing and kitten synchronisation.

To be honest we have performed better than this but despite all, some delight and pleasure was expressed by many involved! Our ‘reSync All‘ workshop could have well been called ‘reCapture Transmediale’ in acknowledgement of the sense shared by many on our self surveillance and semi consciousness of the issues exhibited. tm2015-arrivalElsewhere, more earnestly expressed anxiety and abstractions were deliberated over until the jitter cut of one session over another bewildered and perplexed YT. tm2015-wrapup

Out in the bar, on the terrace and about town the conversations flowed more realistically from where we eventually dragged our soles through to each new day reset and rarified for another go. There were no midnight trains (too early) but trawls through the 90’s ‘scape of tobacco overload and tinnitus trials. No massage but a shrinking scrape with urban imagination and cultural preposterousness.

Just before leaving we popped over to Tactical Tech for lunch and final farewell to hosts Oliver and X Londoner Adam.. yes we ran all the way to the airport.. Cheers All !

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Subs, Hosts and Rays

SPC host a range of subscriber websites and projects from servers in Deckspace or at RedRaw Internet hosting locations elsewhere in the UK.

120Years | Dataunion | DeptfordTVExplodingcinema | Global Elite | Hivenetworks | Kiben |Lisa-Bennett | Outerbongolia | Resourceforge | Vacuum | Yoha | WilliamDDrake | WirelessFM All have been through the hedge and back again in recent months.. but it’s better now thanks Garry!

A new year review of hosted data confirms the following subdomains are active.

bak | beast | bit | blink | consume | cured | dek | diy | dmz | fuller | gif | hay |
home | icecast |  nat | netpsych | omv | own | rad | rip | shift | storysacks |
stream | sub | switch | triangle

If you have a project to host or are in development of new ideas and are seeking support or a place to work please get in touch and subscribe for these services and more in 2015!


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Babylon sunset

reSyncAthensCrewNovember starts with a week away for TB and Adnan in Greece where reSync will attend the New Babylon Revisited event at  Goethe Institut Athen to work with locals and users of the AWMN to explore file synchronisation during Restreet workshops on 7th and 8th.

Meanwhile we have been striving to tidy up both the rambling resource library and the longer term installations at Deckspace. In the run up to the end of our 13th year at Borough Hall we are set on a campaign of clear up and clear out of unusable cruft.

As a result there is now a growing pile of redundant PC’s, aged wifi access equipment, sound systems and cables to dispose of. Please join us during the first week of December from Wednesday to Wednesday for a rummage through what’s there and if it suits you take away stuff you fancy after-which we will have to clear these out to liberate the storage area and allow some breathing space to accommodate fresh material the new year might bring us.

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Do what?

omvFor those collating archive materials, scanning images, artwork and transposing texts there are anxieties around storage and protection of the accumulating material that we would like to dispel so that further review and re-presentation can be well supported.

Last month we set up a Synology diskstation 212j a twin drive NAS product to provide MayDay Rooms with project archive space and backup storage for office desktop pc’s. So far it presents no shortage of services to allow for flexible access and publishing but we are still looking at some open source distributions to improve options.

slaxThe best looking of these is OpenMediaVault which is based on Debian linux and can be installed from CD or USB drive onto SD, HDD or run as  a Virtual Machine. We are still keen on reusing the many desktop PC’s which otherwise get left to one side in favour of faster hardware but which in most cases surpass the spec of commercial NAS products.

We also spent a week looking at SLAX which reminds me of the BLAG (brixton linux action group) of over a decade ago.. and also boots from CD/USB in standalone or PXE server mode to offer lightweight desktop re-activation of legacy hardware that may well usurp the bloated mainstream linux distributions we normally recommend!

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Daft drudger

Over a decade of webhosting and subscriber support at Deckspace we have from time to time faced difficulties. The last week of August was a shock to the system as scheduled migration of subscriber domains went badly and it’s taken ages for everything to settle down. So apologies if your website was offline or if you landed at an unfamiliar page.

The effected domains are 120years, Consume, Dataunion, Exploding Cinema, Hivenetworks, Moylondon, lisa-bennett, Mutantfilm, Piratetv, Raylab, WirelessFM to name but a few!

Many of the SPC subdomains like OWN, Fuller and Storysacks were also effected so apologies to all effected!

Many thanks to Garry and Ellis of RedRawinternet, now hosting SPC subscriber domains, for his generous support and tenacity in the face of so much chaos.

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Visited Wikimania festival in Barbican Halls to update on all thinks wiki, Wikipedia and ‘the culture’. It’s been a while now since attempting to use the tallbastard account set up in 2007 though that’s now an ‘unsuitable username’ so had to make a new one.

wikimaniaOf the many sessions and plenaries three items stood out; Peter Murray Rust delivered a passionate call for all to fully adopt wikipedia for journal publication and publish all science research outcomes as well as it’s failures.

Histropedia launched their timeline toolbox for visualisation of wikidata and which is a tidy solution soon to gather a storm of interest. We also see the huge potential for it’s use in a range of locally grown archive initiatives like MayDay Rooms. Finally in a session for Visualeditor we had a view on the next steps for mediawiki toward collaborative editing solutions with wide reaching benefits for all interested in use of wikidata .

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